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Google Search on your Mobile

If you want to search with google without internet then you can do it by Just send Help to 9773300000 or send your any query to 9773300000 you will get result instance.I am listing some google sms search command here.Send <PNR NUMBER> to get your pnr statusWeather <City Name> to get city weather detailsJobs <city> for job ListingAnd etc you do search on google train time,pnr status , your result All in one number by google I got it my it’s google lab .Enjoy searching……..Mr Wasim Akhtar

Story of the week: Google and the Tea Kettle

This week the tech world was set on ablaze when this article in The Times of London reported that every Google search query contributes in 7 gm of CO2 to the atmosphere and this is equivalent to half the amount of energy needed in heating a tea kettle. The article is a study of physicist Alex Wissner-Gross who is a MIT graduate and now at Harvard University.No sooner did the article get published, than the tech blogs and news site like Techmeme and Techcrunch started covering it with full pace.Yesterday, Google has responded by knocking off the claim on their official blog. Google has revealed the overall energy consumption per search query to be 0.0003 kWh of energy per search, or 1 kJ. In teams of CO2 this is equivalent to 0.2 grams of CO2 and not 7 grams as it was previously stated by Alex.Google may have saved their hat by revealing new calculation but this has raised an important issue of Global Warming and impact of Internet and Web technologies on it. As we are becoming more an…

Facebook Style Scroll Fixed Header in JQuery

While doing some UI changes of a website, we had to implement a FIX header which remains fix on top of screen while scrolling. Facebook has a similar header which remains on top of content. Now for this, there are number of jQuery plugins available out there! But in our case we weren't allowed to add any new plugins to the technology stack of application (I know it sucks  ). So here is a small JQuery based solution to make a DIV of header fixed on top of the screen while scrolling.Related:Mouse Scroll Events in JQuery The HTML Below is the HTML code. It contain a simple div #header which we want to freeze at the top. Note that we have included JQuery directly from site (In my application we have included older version of jquery from out tech stack).?