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[Update] Windows 8 Upgrade Paths for Windows XP, Vista and 7

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially announced upgrade paths of Windows 8. Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99. Windows 8 Pro users will be able to add Windows Media Center for free using "Add features" option. Also a packaged DVD version of the upgrade to Windows [...] Read rest of this article at

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Scientists develop spray-on battery

Scientists in the United States have developed a paint that can store and deliver electrical power just like a battery. Traditional lithium-ion batteries power most portable electronics. They are already pretty compact but limited to rectangular or cylindrical blocks. Researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas, have come up with a technique to break down each element of the traditional battery and incorporate it into a liquid that can be spray-painted in layers on virtually any surface. "This means traditional packaging for batteries has given way to a much more flexible approach that allows all kinds of new design and integration possibilities for storage devices," said Pulickel Ajayan, who leads the team on the project. The rechargeable battery is made from spray-painted layers, with each representing the components of a traditional battery: two current collectors, a cathode, an anode and a polymer separator in the middle. …

MakeMyTrip appoints Sanket Atal as Chief Technology Officer

Nasdaq-listed Indian online travel company MakeMyTrip has today announced the appointment of Sanket Atal as the new Chief Technology Officer to head the technology development and support teams in the travel company. Atal was previously Senior Vice President & General Manager for the India Technology Center of CA Technologies in Hyderabad. The MakeMyTrip Group achieved sales of Rs. 4,800 crore in the financial year ending March 2012. Deep Kalra, CEO and Founder, MakeMyTrip said, "We are extremely pleased to have Sanket on board. His broad-based experience and expertise is an asset as we strengthen our focus on technology and Innovation to drive the next phase of our evolution. He brings with him a global management style and a clear understanding of enterprise and consumer business to hold him in good stead in this critical role." Atal added, "I am looking forward to my association with MakeMyTrip. Technology is the natural enabler in our business …

Cloud computing for the people? It’s called SaaS.

Cloud-based servers simple enough to be at the beck and call of every Joe Schmo off the street are a compelling vision, but presently not a realistic one. At this point, in fact, one could argue that the holy grail of the consumer cloud has already been realized. In the business world, it's called software as a service, but the rest of the world just knows it as "the cloud." In a blog post on Thursday, Anil Dash laid out a vision that pretty much boils down to this quote: "[W]e need a consumer cloud offering. An app store for EC2 or a marketplace for Rackspace. The same one-click stores that offer us easy apps on our own local devices should let us purchase consumer-friendly apps that run on our own individual cloud servers." It reads well, but until cloud computing prices drop far enough that individual servers cost next to nothing, the vision seems infeasible. That's why multitenant cloud services, what Dash calls "centralized services," are pr…

Is the iPad 2 cannibalizing the new iPad’s profits?

In about four weeks, Apple will announce its fiscal 2012 Q3 earnings. Its accountants are busy tallying the numbers, including the number of iPads sold and revenue from the iPad product line. These two numbers hold the key for the longevity of the iPad 2. Are the days numbered for the $399 iPad 2? When Apple announced the new iPads in March, it dropped the cost of the lowest-priced iPad 2 (the 16GB Wifi only version) by $100 and continued to sell it side by side with the third-generation iPad. This is not in the usual mold of clearing out previous generation products at a reduced price. Analysts speculated that Apple kept the iPad 2 around to counter the threat from cheaper tablets, specifically Kindle Fire. Despite being a year old, the iPad 2 is packed with power and features that other tablets do not come close to matching. Offering it at $399 helped bring in new customers who didn't consider buying it at $499 and snag some who would have bought a Kindle Fire. It is a win-w…

Seven Practical Steps to Help You Run Your On-Premise Cloud Like a Business

Long regarded as "just" technology providers, IT organizations now are routinely called on to leverage infrastructure advances and virtualization in order to drive efficiencies, improve performance and transform business functions throughout the enterprise.

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[Google Chrome Version Update] Chrome 20 Stable Released, Also Available for iPhone and iPad

NOTE: This topic is updated whenever a new version of Google Chrome is released. So keep checking this topic regularly to get instant updates. UPDATE: Google Chrome has also been released for iPhone and iPad. Its based on Chrome 19.0.1084.52 version. Chrome for iOS can be used in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It requires [...] Read rest of this article at

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BitTorrent 7.6.1 Build 27529

BitTorrent is a torrent client for sharing data via the BitTorrent protocol. The software enables users to share, search, download and upload application, music, video, document, picture and other files. BitTorrent supports download of multiple files...

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10 Essential Plugins for WordPress Novices

WordPress's extensibility, courtesy of its large plugin library, is one of the primary causes for its rapid spread as the platform of choice for web development across the internet – so much so that a whopping 15% of the top 1 million websites use WordPress as their CMS, with a total of 74.3M sites currently being powered by the platform. In fact, an entire ecosystem has developed around WordPress plugins,...

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Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – N.145

This is our weekly selection of our favorite web designs from the past week. Thanks to everybody for their recommendations and please feel free to comment and let us know what you think. Our Weekly Design Inspiration has been sponsored by DesignShock. Check them out for free weekly design bundles, including logo templates, icons, characters, WordPress themes, HTML & CSS templates, GUI sets and much, much more. Display Creative Metropol...

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How WordPress Changed My Career

Back when I started my career as a web designer (circa 1996), the main idea of having a website was to, well, have one. In those days, most businesses weren't doing much more than putting together a hierarchy (an often poorly designed one, at that) of text and images. The idea of a content management system, or CMS, was completely foreign to most people – myself included. Back then, a...

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Is your data safe with Google?

I'm not going to say much here as believe it or not I don't like starting firestorms. But it begs the question, do you feel safe hosting your data with Google? This includes your search data, your email, Google docs, etc. Google has been in bed with the Government for a long time, they've been hacked by China, and now they're getting in bed with the NSA. Read the article below, then let us know in the comments. Do you feel safe hosting your data with Google and tell us why you feel one way or another. I just ask you please don't be crude in your comments. :-) Update: Google's new service 'Buzz' is now also ripe is privacy issues. See some below articles just for starters; Google Responds to Buzz Privacy Issues. Again Google alters Buzz after privacy complaints Google Apologizes for Buzz Privacy Issues Thoughts anyone? <img alt=&q…

Windows Phone 7 Series = Zune Phones

Yep, Microsoft has finally announced the Zune Phones. Notice that's plural, Zune Phones. That means each handset maker is going to be able to make their own dream phone. Also, they'll have a centralized marketplace like the Apple store, except I can run any app I want that I got from anywhere, unlike the iPhone and others. Now me, my requirements are slide out keyboard (on-screen keyboards have yet to work well enough for me) and an OLED screen. Basically take the HTC Touch Pro 2 and 7 series it. Want to see more, check it out! Enjoy! <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="…

Why is Windows Server 2008 R2 being overlooked? Part 1 – Why you should look at it

I have been asked by many server admins over the last year about Server 2008 R2, and every time the question essentially is, "So, is there any reason to run R2?" They ask this question assuming to already know the answer of "of course not" and are shocked when I tell them the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Now, this is just my opinion, but I believe that 2008 R2 is as big a leap from 2008, as 2008 was from 2003. Now, I'm sure I'll hear some detractors on this, but here is why I believe this to be true in all the ways that matter. So why is R2 so great? Well, ask yourself this. Do you think Windows 7 is far better than Windows Vista? If you answered yes, then ask yourself why? Got it? Well, the exact same reasons why you love Windows 7 over Vista are the exact same reasons you will love R2 over 2008. The resource utilization is vastly superior in R2 to 2008. In my real world experience, I have a good 33% more efficiency in an R2 server over a 2008 one. …

Why is Windows Server 2008 R2 being overlooked? Part 2 – Why aren’t people moving to it?

Like most situations, there are legitimate reasons why some organizations/admins aren't moving to R2, and there are many bogus reasons. Legitimate reasons; Core application compatibility issues. Unfortunately there are some core Microsoft applications that aren't supported with R2 in the mix. This is very, very unfortunate and Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot on this one. The product teams need to get themselves a little more in-sync with the OS teams on this. Many of the core apps are just listed as 'unsupported' which essentially means simply that the product team hasn't certified their product for the new OS. That doesn't mean it won't work, just they haven't tested it yet to make sure it does. The simple fact of Microsoft saying 'unsupported' means no corporation will move to the new OS. This alone really hurts adoption of R2. Below are some product examples; Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 – Microsoft Exchan…

Matt Landis – Hosted OCS Comparisons

Matt Landis over at the 'Matt Landis Windows PBX Report' blog has a nice feature comparison of different hosted OCS providers. Check it out! <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=",cat.TechBiz.rss" /> Microsoft Windows - Microsoft - Office Suites - Microsoft Office - Monopolies and Oligopolies

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The new ‘Search War’

Read the below NY Times article. Essentially the point of the article is that competition breeds innovation and a better production from all companies involved. I love it. We know where complacency gets us. It gets us Windows Mobile,, etc. Competition is always a good thing and it's great to see true competition on the search market again.;partner=rss&amp;emc=rss <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=",cat.TechBiz.rss" /> New York Times - Google - Wi…

The Google graveyard… All companies have a list of failed products but I thought this was a great way of presenting it. If you have a link to any other companies graveyards (such as MS, Apple, Yahoo, etc) please post in the comments and we'll throw it up as well! <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=",cat.TechBiz.rss" /> Google - Yahoo - Apple - Search - Search Engines

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Windows Phone 7 has RTM’d!

The Windows Phone 7 team has announced their product has been released to manufacturing. That means it's complete. Read the details here; Windows Team Blog And if you haven't checked out the awesomeness that is Windows Phone 7, check out the website here – Can't wait to get one! <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=",cat.TechBiz.rss" /> Microsoft Windows - Windows Phone 7 - Software release life cycle - Windows Mobile - Operating system…

Windows Phone 7 Officially Launches–Updated!

Windows Phone 7 officially launched today at a press event in NYC this morning. You can check out more here – By the way, if you have any doubts about the platform or it's responsiveness, you should really watch this video here -;WT.z_convert=Share Seriously, watch the video. The responsiveness of the device is just flat out amazing. No lag whatsoever. If you've been a Windows Mobile user, this is a VERY, VERY good thing to see. I currently have a HTC Touch Pro 2 and the delay is soooo irritating. It's even faster than my ZuneHD. Wait until you see the Bing Maps responsiveness, or the Bing Search (using Voice) feature. So keep an open mind, ignore the BS you've heard and take a look for yourself. I personally can't wait to get my hands on one but unfortunately I'll be waiting until next year since I am a very l…

Another ‘elitist’ trying to downplay Windows Phone 7 before it even launches…

Elitists are like lemmings (which is hilarious because they pride themselves on not being lemmings) and once one of them has gained attention from something they all have to do it. The only problem is that they have to hide their lemming status by coming up with a new tact to disparage Windows Phone 7. The latest comes from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZDNet with his pathetic post called; 5 reasons NOT to be a Windows Phone 7 early adopter And what are your brilliant reasons?; 'First generation anything is ropey.' Ropey? Apparently this is an informal British word. Apparently it means inferior or inadequate. Interesting. I would just have to ask Mr. Kingsley-Hughes, did you say the same thing when the iPhone and Android devices first came out? Since, according to your statement, ALL first generation devices are 'ropey.' Hmmm I think your hypocrisy is showing… 'Wait for the app store to mature' – Again, was the iPhone apps store and Android …

Microsoft officially launches Lync today!

I personally have been looking forward to this day for a very long time, and I will be posting a LOT of great content and reviews on this PBX killing software here shortly. In the mean time, check out Mary Jo Foley's post over at ZDNet about the launch. Yes, that's me being quoted. If you would like to learn more about Prometheus Networks hosted Enterprise Voice solution, check out the site here – Expect more content soon! <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src=";partnerID=167&amp;key=segment" /> <img alt="" height="0" width="0" border="0" style="display:none" src="…

Digital Vidya to expand its workshops across SE Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America

Digital Vidya, which provides social media marketing training across India and Singapore to CXOs, sales and marketing professionals to leverage digital marketing for their organizations, has planned to offer its trainings in formats beyond classroom workshops to newer geographies across South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. The company is close to organizing its 100th workshop in the country in July 2012. Speaking about the learnings gathered from Digital Vidya's 99 odd workshops, CEO Pradeep Chopra has said, "We've observed a significant shift in terms of both understanding and interest about Social Media among our participants over last 99 workshops. In our earlier workshops, we needed to spend a good amount of time educating the participants about basics of Social Media such as 'What is a Facebook Page?', 'How to Tweet'?." According to Chopra, earlier, they rarely used to get time to share insights about advanced topics on Socia…

Weekly Design News – Resources, Tutorials and Freebies (N.138)

This is our weekly column were we share our favorite design related articles, resources and cool tidbits from the past week. Enjoy :) If you would like to receive our daily updates and keep up to date with the latest and greatest articles and resources from the design community, you can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook or by subscribing to our RSS feed. Our Weekly Design News has been...

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We have 5 Tokokoo bundles (13 WordPress themes) to giveaway – Comment to enter

This weeks giveaway comes from Tokokoo. Five lucky readers will win a bundle of 13 premium e-commerce WordPress Themes (with a Standard Theme license) all courtesy of the guys from Tokokoo. Scroll down to see what themes are included in the bundle. All you will have to do for a chance of winning one of these bundles is leave a comment below telling us which is your favorite theme from...

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Useful Tips To Get New Web Design Clients

Many freelancers begin their careers without a formal marketing plan for their web design business. The truth is that sales and marketing is a crucial part of all businesses, and that is why your clients hire you. Today's business owners know a great website is an important part of their marketing toolkit, and since this is your career you should have an awesome website yourself. While a great site is...

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Beautiful Candid Photography – An expression of what it is to be human

We are social beings, but often find ourselves isolated. While it's in our nature to gather together, getting close to anyone takes effort and skill. No where is this more true than in the world of photography. A candid picture that really captures what an honest moment is like can be shockingly hard to take. All the same, we have found 30 images that do exactly that. They take a...

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Website Navigation Trends for Various Layouts

There are always some key aspects in designing a website which you have to give full attention. Site navigation is one of these important features which is found in every single layout design. Nav links generally lead to the most important pages in your website and help visitors get around quicker. You'll often find these above-the-fold where the page cuts off at the bottom of your web browser. Considering some...

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SuperAntiSpyware 5.5.1006

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional features our highly advanced Real-Time Protection to ensure protection from installation or re-installation of potential threats as you surf the Internet. Used in conjunction with our First Chance Prevention and Registr...

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Core FTP LE 2.2 (Build 1751)

Core FTP LE - free Windows software that includes the client FTP features you need. Features like SFTP (SSH), SSL, TLS, IDN, browser integration, site to site transfers, FTP transfer resume, drag and drop support, file viewing &amp; editing, firewall su...

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LA based Science Inc acquires India based web startup Pinpuff

Science Inc, a Los Angeles-based incubator has acquired India-based Pinpuff, which measures and tracks the influence of Pinterest users and awards them with perks for undisclosed amount. The acquisition will help Science portfolio companies, such as Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club and Uncovet, acquire more users from Pinterest. Founded in 2011 by Gaurav Sharma, PinPuff measures the influence of Pinterest users using metrics such as likes, follows, comments, and shares. It tracks users pins and the amount of traffic it generates to come up with not only a score for users, but also a dollar amount for what users pins are worth. Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Science Inc plans to use Pinpuff technology to identify influencers on sites similar to Pinterest, such as Fancy and Svpply. The Pinpuff technology will be used to help brand customers working…

Fino buys Nokia‘s mobile payment business in India

Financial inclusion facilitating firm Fino has acquired Nokia Mobile Payment Services in India, to foray into prepaid mobile payment space. With this acquisition, the brand name has been changed to Takatak Money and the new entity being formed to offer the service is called Alpha Payment Services India Private Limited.Nokia was planning to exit its financial services in India to move out of non-core areas. The acquisition will give an opportunity for Fino, which has a network of banking correspondents spread across the country, to enter the mobile payments business, which is said to be a $350 billion opportunity by 2015. &quot;We were limited only to the banking and financial services space till now wherein we helped operate bank accounts, sold insurance and facilitated remittances, this deal gives us an entry into the expenditure side,&quot; Manish Khera, Chief Executive, Fino has said.…

Satyamev Jayate yielded donations of Rs 30 lakh through text messages

Nearly seven weeks after the show went on air, Aamir Khan Productions' TV reality show Satyamev Jayate has revealed that it has received donations around Rs 25 to Rs 30 lakh through text messages. According to a MoneyLife report, the show has received Rs 1.9 crore through Axis Bank which means "Rs 3 crore plus" of donations after adding "Rs 85 lakh donated by Reliance". The report further suggests that advertisers have been paying Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh for a 10 second spot on the show and Bharti Airtel, the presenting sponsor, is understood to have paid Rs 17 to Rs 20 crore while associate sponsors (Skoda, Coca Cola, Axis Bank, etc.) have paid around Rs 7 crore each. Star India officials have updated the website to say that the show had yielded—630,298,439 connections, 8,839,494 responses, 2,778,984 community members and Rs 30,160,678 in donations. However, there was still no clarity about how much came through online transactions.…

Accel Partners India launches featuring jobs from its portfolio companies

Venture capitalist firm Accel Partners India has launched featuring jobs from its portfolio companies. Accel has more than 40 companies in its portfolio across areas as diverse as internet, mobile, cloud/SaaS, healthcare and education. will also link up with social networking websites and start-up forums to address job seekers. In India, Accel has invested in Babyoye, Cnergyis, enStage, Deeksha(Ace),, Flipkart, Forus, Mobstac, FreshDesk, HealthcareMagic, Kaatizone, Letsbuy, MuSigma, Myntra, Perfint, QwikCilver, Sconce, Vinculum and Virident etc. "I often meet mid- to senior-level executives who are looking to join exciting start-ups but don't have a direct way of connecting with the start-up ecosystem. Likewise, a number of start-ups are looking to bring on high-quality talent to take them to the next level. is aimed at addressing this gap," said Subrata Mitra from Accel Partners.…

Google Unveils $199 Nexus 7 Tablet, New Android Software and More

Google's day-one keynote from the 2012 I/O developer conference has officially wrapped up. We'll have plenty of analysis directly from the show, but here's a quick look at what's been announced so far. Nexus 7 Tablet Google officially unveiled the $199 Nexus 7 tablet, built by Asus. Its feature list is as follows: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system 7-inch, 1280&times;800-resolution touchscreen Quad-core Tegra 3 chipset with a 12-core graphics processor 8GB of storage (16GB version available for $249) Front-facing camera Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC Nine hours of HD video playback Weighs 0.75 pounds Google says the Nexus 7 tablet is "optimized for Google Play" – meaning it's geared toward consuming music, movies, games, books, magazines and more. The feature-set and price tag will certainly put a whole lot of pressure on similarly-priced (but less powerful) 7-inch tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes &amp; Nobl…

Google I/O Conference: Five Questions I’d Like to See Answered

Google kicks off its annual Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco today. While the event is ostensibly a place for app developers to get educated about Android, Chrome and related Google products, it's also a venue for big news. Google's will likely announce its first Nexus tablet, along with the next major version of Android, code named Jelly Bean, and you can expect a few other surprises as well. I'll be at the conference along with Harry McCracken (we'll be liveblogging the two keynotes), and though I'm looking forward to the big announcements, I'm also hoping to hear answers to the following questions: How would a 7-inch Nexus tablet help the Android app ecosystem? Android tablets are notoriously short on proper tablet apps–a point that Apple loves to flaunt when talking about the iPad. But a 7-inch tablet from Google might not help, even if it's priced low enough to be a best-seller. Blown-up smartphone apps aren't ideal on a 7-inch…

Eclipse resolve “resource is out of sync with the filesystem” permanently

If you are a regular Eclipse user than you might have got this error many times. The error simply says, "you've made changes in files in your workspace from outside eclipse". The simplest solution would be to select the project and press F5 (Right click -&gt; Refresh). This will re-sync any external changes to the [...]

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How to Apply and Safely Use Custom User Interface (Shell or Explorer) in Windows?

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you might be knowing that we love Windows customization. We have shared so many customization stuff in past for Windows and other software. We also post articles about UI modifications such as customizing dialog boxes, text strings, menus, images, etc. You can find such kind of [...] Read rest of this article at

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