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Makerbot Digitizer Makes Cloning Objects Simple

Brooklyn based 3D printer guru’s MakerBot will be shipping their Digitizer in October. The MakerBot Digitizer takes a 3D object, scans is and creates a 3 dimensional design file. These design files can then be used with a 3D printer to make a physical clone of the original object.

MakerBot has a good consumer following with hobbyists and institutions for education. At the moment, any design files would normally obtained from sites such as Thingiverse where users could find all sorts of objects from balloons to crystals.

Makerbot Digitizer Makes Cloning Objects Simple

How It Works

The MakerBot Digitizer uses a turntable and scanners to scan every inch of a small object in order to convert the information in to a .THING or .STL file. The files can be used to send information to 3D printers where the user can watch a real life clone of their object be printed out. There are some limitations to the Digitizer though:

  • Max weight of object is 6.6lbs

  • Max height 8 inches

  • Max width 8 inches

When the object is placed on the turntable, the scanners record the object over 12 minutes while the object completes one revolution on the turn table.

The Digitizer won’t print the object or the design out itself, it is simply the first step of the cloning process. However, MarketBot believe the reason this will appeal to so many consumers is the fact that the Digitizer makes it even easier to utilize 3D printing.

What You Need

Anyone wanting to clone their own objects (who wouldn’t?) will need a MakerBot Digitizer (you can pre-order one for $1,400 or $1,540 with support package) and a 3 dimensional printer. The Digitizer is compatible with either of MakerBot’s Replicators or any other 3D printer to produce a physical model. MakerBot’s replicators come in at under $2,000 so for a little over $3,000 you could clone every small object in your home!

[Image via Design Boom]

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