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Immunet Protect Free

Immunet provides essential antivirus protection for PC users. Immunet provides extra antivirus protection that is light, fast and compatible with existing security products.

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DivX Play 10.1.0

DivX® 9 for Windows is a free download that provides everything you need to enjoy high-quality digital videos on your computer, including HD H.264 (.mkv) videos with AAC audio and videos created using all previous versions of DivX technology. You can also play your DivX files (.divx, .avi) on millions of DivX Certified® devices today. Look for DivX...

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Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a compact and fast defragmentation tool that supports both FAT 16/32, and NTFS file systems. It's supplied with advanced disk optimization techniques, which will remedy your system sluggishness and crashes caused by disk fragmentation.

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Foobar2000 1.3

foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include full unicode support, ReplayGain support and native support for several popular audio formats.

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McAfee Labs Stinger

Stinger is a quick and installation-free standalone tool for detecting and removing prevalent malware and threats, ideal if your PC is already infected. While not a replacement for full fledged antivirus software, Stinger is updated multiple times a week to include detection for newer Fake Alert variants and prevalent viruses.

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iPhones Coming To China Mobile From January 17th

It has been announced that Apple and China Mobile have struck a deal, allowing the iPhone 5s and 5c to be launched on the China Mobile’s 4G and 3G networks in the early part of 2014.
Apparently you can pre-register for one of the phones now, with the handsets becoming available from January 17th.

In the press release, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “China is an extremely important market for Apple and our partnership with China Mobile presents us the opportunity to bring iPhone to the customers of the world’s largest network.”
It has taken time for Apple to gain access to China Mobile’s alleged 760 million customers, with talks between the two companies going on since 2011. It was The Wall Street Journal that reported earlier this month that a deal had finally been reached and finalised.
A recent report from Canalys stated that China, Hong Kong and Taiwan account for 39 percent of the global smartphone market between them. Apple ranked fifth in the region’s smartphone sales but now a deal has b…

Sony Giving PlayStation Plus 3 Games From 2013 For Free!

To get 2014 off to a good start, Sony has announced it will be giving some of 2013′s best games to PlayStation Plus subscibers.
Some of the top titles that have been selected for PS3, which will be added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection are: Bioshock Infinite, DmC: Devil May Cry and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

As for the PlayStation 4 owners, they will receive Don’t Starve for free and if you have a PS Vita, then you will be able to download Worms: Battle Island and the trivia game Smart As.
In order to download and play these games, you will have to have an active PlayStation Plus membership. If your renewal lapses then they will become unplayable.
Although a PlayStation Plus subscription costs $49.99 a year, games will be added regularly to the rotating Instant Game Collection throughout this next year. And don’t forget that you can often find the 12-month voucher at a discount price, so it’s definitely worth considering.
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Spring @RequestHeader Annotation example

Let us quickly check how to access http Header information in Spring MVC Controller.
Spring @RequestHeader Annotation
Spring MVC provides annotation @RequestHeader that can be used to map controller parameter to request header value. Following is the simple usage of spring @RequestHeader annotation.

import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestHeader;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping;

public class HelloController {

@RequestMapping(value = "/hello.htm")
public String hello(@RequestHeader(value="User-Agent") String userAgent)


In above code snippet we defined a controller method hello() which is mapped to URL /hello.htm. Also we bind the parameter String userAgent using @RequestHeader annotation. When spring maps the request, it checks http header with name “User-Agent” and bind its value to String userAgent.
If the header value th…

Picasa 3.9 Build 137.76

Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to ...

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Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.

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