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Open Specific Gmail Accounts Directly Without Using Account Switcher

So you already know how to manage multiple accounts and how to make one of them your default address. But you find yourself having to constantly use the Google Account Switcher to switch between personal, work or a Google Apps account. While this works flawlessly, it’s a pretty time-consuming task especially if you’re in a hurry to compose a message from a specific account. This neat little trick should help you to quickly open specific Gmail accounts directly by creating distinct URLs so that you can open the inbox you need from the bookmarks bar.

Learn to Directly Open Specific Gmail Accounts from the Bookmarks Bar

If you didn’t know how to create a bookmark, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Right click the Bookmarks bar and choose the Add page button.

Right click the bar and press Add page

Step 2: Give the page its title and paste the URL. Finally hit Save.

Fill in the necessary details and hit Save

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Method A

When you open Gmail in Chrome from your address by typing or from Google Search, this is the URL you’ll ultimately see after the sign-in process:

Here the number zero (0) denotes the default account or the account which you signed in first. When you have multiple accounts, the numbers 1, 2 and so on denote the other accounts in the order in which you signed in. The best way to explain the process would be through an example.

Let’s say you use three Gmail accounts which are: (default account & first sign-in, denoted by 0)
user (second sign-in, denoted by 1) (third sign-in, denoted by 2)
We already saw how a default account’s URL looks before. But if you’d like to create a bookmark for users 2 and 3, the URLs would look like this:
User 2:
User 3:

Method B

If you had trouble with the first method, you might like this even better because it doesn’t involve any numbers and might be easier to grasp.

Here all you have to do is simply add the bookmark by pasting the following URL and replacing the phrase gmailaddress with your Gmail account address.

For example,

User 1‘s bookmark URL becomes

And that’s all there is to this process. Now it’s possible to open specific Gmail accounts directly without relying on Google’s Account Switcher. But as a precaution make sure that you’ve signed in to all your accounts first because this method will not work without that crucial step.

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