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Plan Routes, Add Multiple Stops & Create Efficient Routes Using Circuit

Planning a road trip to a destination you’ve never been to before? Circuit is an Android app which lets users enter all the stops from the itinerary so that it can plan routes, add multiple stops and create the most efficient route to saves on gas. It was featured in Google’s Design Snippets series months ago to demonstrate how an app can tackle a tricky idea without oversimplifying the user interface.

Create The Most Efficient Routes Using Circuit

If you’re thinking- doesn’t Google already let users add stops in its Maps application- you’d be partially right. Unfortunately, Google Maps only lets users key in up to three stops and while they can be manually rearranged it doesn’t calculate the most efficient route. Circuit, on the other hand, generously lets free users add up to 150 stops.

Circuit app user interface

For more business-oriented customers who manage shipping and other transportation services, the app offers an in-app purchase to removes the 150 stop limit for Rs. 690 per month which is decent considering the amount they’ll save on gas and driver costs. The phrase “simple without being simplistic” fits this app aptly since the user interface looks simple but still manages to implement a lot of useful features. Upon the first launch, connect the app to Google to keep all the data and routes synced up.

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Using Circuit: Route Planner

Step 1: Press the Edit icon below the map.
Step 2: This will prompt a search window where the destinations will go in. From the search results, tap to add it as a stop.
Step 3: Once multiple stops have been added, press Done. The app will generate an efficient route by factoring in data from Google Maps
Step 4: To initiate navigation, press the Navigate to first stop button. The navigation will be done from Google Maps where it will automatically change destinations one by one.

From left to right: steps one to four

The app features more inviting features like:

  • Ability to prioritise stops manually, route will adapt accordingly
  • Import and Export routes and stop data
  • Clearing just the finished stops
  • Changing the currency
  • Distance units between metric (km) and imperial (miles)
  • Factor in average stop time
  • Change mileage of vehicle, price of fuel & driver’s hourly wage

Main settings

So if you’re ever wondering how to go about seeing so many landmarks in a city, you can rest assured that this app can handle anything you throw at it.

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