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Track Price Drops & New Promotions of Your Favourite Android Apps

If you are or were a student then you’ll know the pain of wanting a really useful Android app but not being within reach because of its price tag. If that’s the case or your someone who’s just waiting for a good promotion to snatch up an app, App Sales is the app that does it all for you. App Sales is the simplest solution to track price drops of any app you wish you purchase.

It’s free to download and shows a 30-day price graph of any app, with embedded ads. But an in-app purchase of $1.99 (Rs. 120) per year will remove ads and add features such as extending the graph history to a year and monitoring more than 100 apps.

Annual fee for additional features & removing ads

Follow Prices of Your Favourite Android Apps & Discover New Sales & Promotions

When you open the app you’ll see four tabs which are as follows:

Highlights: This area shows a list of apps that are mainly curated by the community and developers and feature sponsored or paid placements.

Latest Sales: As the name suggests, it lists all the apps that went on sale recently in reverse chronological order.

Now Free: These are apps that went from being a paid app to completely free.

Watchlist: This is the tab you’ll most likely be using this app for. It stores a list of all the apps that you’ve chosen to track over time.

Four tabs

How to Track the Prices of Your Apps

Step 1: Open the app and you’ll be greeted by four tabs. You should select the Watchlist tab.
Step 2: Press the Plus (+) Fab icon to search for the app you wish to track. From the results then select the app.

Press the Add (+) button

Step 3: Once prompted with a pop-up at the bottom showing the app name, current price and a price graph, taping the price will take you directly to the Play Store listing.

Tap directly from search of pop-up to add to watchlist

Step 4: To the left of price icon there’s an icon similar to the Play Store’s wishlist icon. Select that to add the app to the Watchlist. You’ll receive an Android notification from the app as soon as the price drops.

In case the current price shown in incorrect you can report that too directly from the button to the left. There’s also a website but lacks features like search and Google login.

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Notable Settings Featured in the App

  1. Watchlist Charts show which apps the majority of users are adding to their watchlists
  2. Ability to change currency by country
  3. Control categories  shown and hidden in the app including notification control.
  4. Filter apps by how much an app has been discounted or a number of downloads it has gathered & even hide expired sales. This really helps filter out a lot of trashy apps.
  5. Toggle between showing notifications of new sales and price cuts
  6. The most important feature is Google sign in. This will ensure that your watchlist stays synchronised no matter which device you switch to.

Left to right: Features 1, 2 & 3

Left to right: Features 4,5 & 6

If you don’t want track any specific apps but want to stay informed on certain high profile apps then I suggest you check out Reddit’s googleplaydeals subreddit. The page is updated daily with plenty of posts detailing app discounts and promotions. Be warned that not all apps are of the highest quality & contains many apps that are self-promoted by the developer. But once in a while, you do run into some really good discounted or free apps on the subreddit.

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