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Backup Call Logs & Text Messages to Gmail

Backing up call logs & text messages can be immensely useful for documenting important conversations with friends, relatives to close acquaintances. But storing all that information in a spreadsheet or text file is plain boring & not the easiest way to access information. This is where SMS Backup+ comes into the scene. The free Android app lets users take a backup of call logs & text messages to Gmail.

Store Call Logs, Text & Multimedia Messages Directly in Gmail

Why SMS Backup+?

The app, in essence, backs up calls and messages with meta data like phone number, contact name, call duration along with the type of call (i.e whether it’s an outgoing, incoming or missed call) and the proper date to go along with it. It does so by creating separate labels for calls & messages in Gmail which can be customised by the user. Storing all this information with detailed meta data in label means it’s easily searchable by users which is what makes this method so special.

Initial Requirements

The app requires that IMAP is enabled in Gmail so that it can create labels in Gmail. If IMAP is not enabled by default in your Gmail account, it takes just a few seconds to enable it.

How to Enable IMAP in Gmail

Step 1: Navigate to the Gmail account in which you’ll be uploading all your information. Press the gear icon in the top right corner & select settings.

backup call logs & text messages

Press the Gear icon & select settings

Step 2: Navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Next, to IMAP access, select Enable IMAP and click on Save changes. The status will automatically change to IMAP is enabled.

backup call logs & text messages

Enabling IMAP in Gmail

The app can also be used with other email services like Yahoo. In such a scenario, make sure IMAP is enabled and enter in the respective settings.

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How to Backup Call Logs & Text Messages to Gmail

Step 1: After launching the app, press Connect.
Step 2: Select the account to which the app will upload messages & call logs.

backup call logs & text messages

From left to right: how to backup logs & messages

Step 3: If you’d like to backup messages & logs stored so far, then press Backup. Otherwise press skip.
backup call logs & text messages

Then depending on your backup schedule, the app will automatically upload information to your Gmail account.

backup call logs & text messages

The labels are synced up to Gmail

backup call logs & text messages

Here’s an example to demonstrate how messages look.

What makes SMS Backup+ Special?

backup call logs & text messagesSMS Backup+ app user interface

The app doesn’t stop with just uploading call logs & text messages. If you’re switching switches, there’s also the option to restore messages & logs from Gmail to your phone. This can be done by pressing the Restore button. In addition to this, the app has a lot of customisation features and here are the most notable ones:

  • Ability to pick a regular schedule & incoming schedule of when to backup after the message or call takes place.
  • Choosing a WiFi only option (the app doesn’t hog much data unless a lot of MMS messages are backed up).
  • Backup & restore user preferences when switching between phones.
  • Control notifications & whether to display them when syncing in the background.
  • Choose the type of calls to backup (outgoing, incoming, missed, etc)
  • Using third-party apps like Tasker to trigger backups when text messages are sent to the phone.


While the app is simple & works well, it might be a good idea to let users store a backup as a CSV or PDF file in physical storage devices in case the Google account becomes inaccessible.


SMS Backup+ has enough merits & customisation features to get users into the habit of backing up their call logs & text messages without requiring much effort.

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