Saturday, July 8, 2017

Copy Text from Any App on Your Android Device Using This App

We recently saw how to bypass sites which disable right-click on Google Chrome.  It was done as a security measure to prevent content theft. Android, on the other hand, does it to prevent spurious touch inputs from selecting text all the time. So if you see an interesting piece of writing on Reddit or any other site you’d like to share it’s impossible to do so without hyperlinking the post. This is where Universal Copy comes in. It’s a nifty little app that allows users to copy text from any app on your Android device and share the text directly.

How to Long Press & Select Text From Any App

The app is developed by Camel Corporation which also makes the popular app, Easy Copy. It’s easily the most efficient way to share links, text and other items from the clipboard. But more on that app at a later date. Easy Copy is free to use with all the features made available without requiring any in-app purchases.

Using Universal Copy

Step 1: Launch the app and enable the Activate Universal Copy switch. Then grant it accessibility permissions to monitor actions.

Left to right: Enable accessibility

Step 2: Enable notifications to ensure that copy mode can be triggered from anywhere. This completes the main setup.

Step 3: To use the app go to the app where the content is to be copied and trigger copy mode by selecting the icon.

Left to right: Using copy mode

Step 4: From copy mode, any piece of text can be selected as long as the information is textual in nature. This app does not detect text from images and is not capable of OCR in any way.

Step 5: Once the text is selected press the copy icon in the top right corner. Now the text can be pasted wherever necessary.

A Simpler Method of Accessing Copy Mode

If the process of triggering Copy mode from notifications is tedious, there’s an option inside the app to set a long press action to set of Copy mode.

Set long press actions to trigger Copy mode

Additionally, the app also features a Quick Tile which Nougat users will find advantageous.


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