Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fix YouTube Comments by Replacing It with Reddit Comments

YouTube has always had a flawed commenting system. There’s a lot of spam & hateful messages being spread because of anonymous comments. The minimal to sometimes complete lack of moderation made Google force users into linking their public Google Plus profiles which completely backfired causing them to backtrack their move later on for privacy reasons. Currently, the system is still flawed & not a lot has been done to remedy this issue. But there is one Chrome extension hoping to fix it. AlienTube for YouTube is there to automatically replace YouTube comments with Reddit comments.

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Display Reddit Comments In YouTube Videos

replace youtube comments with reddit comments

It manages to pull in every subreddit that’s ever linked to the active YouTube video and sorts them as tabs. The extension is very clean & definitely improves the user experience. While Reddit is not always known for its productive comments, it’s certainly a cut above YouTube because of heavy moderation & strict clauses set for almost every subreddit.

Once the extension is installed from the Chrome Web Store, the extension automatically works without the user having to do anything.

replace youtube comments with reddit comments

The extension in action

Users can play around with more options by going to the extensions page & selecting Options under AlienTube for YouTube.

replace youtube comments with reddit commentsFind the options by going to the extensions page

Under the settings pages users can experiment by adding subreddits to blacklist & filtering the quality of comments by number of downvotes. It’s also possible to select which version of comments to load by default (Google+/Youtube vs Reddit).

replace youtube comments with reddit comments

The settings for the extension


The biggest downside at the time of writing is that it doesn’t work with YouTube new material design interface which is currently in testing. Other functionality such as linking the reddit account in the extension for upvoting and commenting could add to the experience if implemented in the future.


Whether you’re a Redditor or someone who is unhappy with the YouTube comments, the extension is a breath of fresh air to help you read better comments because of the organised manner in which its presented. Do give it a try!

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