Sunday, July 30, 2017

Google Expeditions Standalone App Launched

Google on 2015, launched a program called Google Expeditions. It is a virtual and augmented reality based program which allows the user to visit and experience famous places around the world virtually.

It was primarily designed for classroom purposes where teachers could take their students on explorations to famous sites and keep the class interactive. Google has released an app version of the Expeditions to some schools last year for beta testing.

After its success, Google has now finally launched a standalone app for Expeditions and it is available for download on Android right now.

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Previously the Expeditions program could only be used in a classroom setup with the help of a Google Cardboard or a VR device. But now with the release of the standalone app, anyone could the Expeditions feature at the comfort of anywhere in the world.

Features Of Google Expeditions

Google has over 600 different tour locations integrated with the Expeditions app. These locations include the most popular seven wonders of the world and the Great barrier reef.

It also includes common urban tours like baseball stadiums and solar power plants. Teachers could assign tasks to the students to visit these places and write about their experience.

Google has also added additional features like multiple user scenarios. You could explore the location either as a guide or as an explorer.

Explorer mode is ideal for students or travelers who are new to a place. It shows useful information as a point of interests when you view a location using your VR device. If you are a teacher or you want to share your experience with someone about a place, then the Guide mode is the one you should choose.

Other new features include shared annotations and Expedition panoramas. You can use this feature to mark certain things on a location or add a point and it will be instantly shared with all shared users.

How To Use Google Expeditions

You can try the Google Expeditions on your Android phone right now. All you need is the app installed from the Play Store and a VR supported smartphone.

Download and Install the app on your smartphone and then choose your desired location from the app. You can then mount your phone to the Google cardboard or the Google Daydream device to start exploring places.

Right now the app is only available for Android platform but an iOS app is expected soon.

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