Sunday, July 23, 2017

Google Search Results Will Now Show Events in India

Do you remember that time when you and your close friends finally decided to spend the evening or a weekend by doing something fun and exciting? The problem is you would have probably gone to every single hotel or mall in your neighborhood for at-least 100 times and you are struggling to find something new and interesting to do. You search the internet but all you could find are the same places you have been visiting for years come up as results. What would do in such situations?

How to Find Events With Google?

All you have to do is search for “events near me” from your Google app or mobile web browser.

You can also include your city like “dance performaces in Bangalore” or “food festivals in Delhi

Event search functionality is available in almost all countries. And starting today, Google will now return the list of all events in India too, when you do a relevant search using your mobile in the Google app or your browser.

Googel events india

How Is It Useful?

Google will make use of your current location and then based upon your interests will pick and give you a bunch of interesting things that are happening around you, like a magic show or a concert or a food festival.

The best thing is that Google will also analyse event planning and organising websties like BookMyShow, AllEvents, EventsHigh and then will give you results based on that.

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So the next time you do a Google search for “Concerts happening near me” Google will not only return the list of all concerts being conducted near you but you could also find out other details like the venue, price and timings.

You could also click on the result to directly enter the corresponding website and book your tickets. You could also apply several filters like days and timings to get more specific results.

Event organizers and developers could also add the events they are conducting by following the steps here at the developer guidelines.

Wish Google brought event results in desktop search to, nonetheless no more hours of planning and struggling and finally making a decision to go to the place that you have been going to for the past 10 years. Times have changed and so should you!

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