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Google Stores Screenshots Of Your Searches : How To Disable It

Google is known to store a lot of information about its users on its servers to serve them better. While this sounds as a privacy invasion, it is actually beneficial for both the users and Google.

Google uses these data to enhance the user experience and to serve the users with ads that are more relevant to them.

It is also useful for the users in times where they need to know what they searched for or what websites they have visited on a particular day.

It was possible to view the list of all your search queries in Google History for a long time.

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However, Google has improved this slightly and now shows you snap shots of the websites you visited from your Google app feed.

More precisely, if you click on a link displayed in your feed and visited a website, Google will record this activity and store this as a screenshot, on your device.

This is actually very useful because, your feed changes constantly and in case if you want to revisit a website you found interesting, you could do so by using this method.

However some of you might find this as a violation of your privacy or simply don’t want Google to record your online activity and capture a snap shot of every website you visit.

Well, here is how to access the feature and also to disable it if you insist.

How To View The Screenshots of Your Search Activity

Step 1:

Open the Google app on your phone.

You could do this by opening the app from your app drawer or simply slide left from your launcher if you have the pixel launcher installed.

Step 2:

Open the hamburger menu from the left and click on Recents.

Step 3:

You can now view your most recent search activity as screenshots.

Just scroll through right to find all the webpages you have visited and the queries you have searched for using the Google app.

You can remove them by swiping up on the screenshots.

You could also access your Google activity from the end of the results to view your search history older than a week.

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How To Stop Google From Saving Your Searches As Screenshots

Step 1:

Open the recents option from the hamburger menu as you did above.

Step 2:

Click on the settings button from the top and open the settings page.

Step 3:

Just click on the enable recent option to disable it and to stop Google from recording your online activities.


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