Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Google Unveils Hire, A Job Recruitment Tool

Google has been working on a Job recruitment tool named Google Hire for over a year now and it has finally launched it to the masses.

It is designed by keeping small and medium organizations in mind and is expected to help them in their recruitment process.

Hire could currently be only used by companies in the US and those with 1000 employees or less could benefit a lot from this tool.

Integration And Synchronization

The main feature of Hire is that it is seamlessly integrated with all Google Suite of applications like the Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs.

This means all the interactions between the company and the applicant will now be stored in a single place.

So you don’t have to switch between your Gmail app and the Google calendar app to save an appointment or set a reminder anymore.

Because Hire will automatically organize all the information under one roof and since it is synced across Google services all the comments could also be viewed by everyone who is connected to the account.

Collaboration And Security

You can also use Google Hire to collaborate with your team to make joint recruit decisions, share the details of a candidate with other members and even set reminders for an interview.

Google has said that it would only share the personal details of the employee like qualifications and contact information to the future employer upon receiving the user consent. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.

Google Hire also supports Google Sheets integration which means if you are conducting a mass recruiting process and have received hundreds of Job applications you can easily export it to your Google sheets to have a clean organized look.

Currently, you can request a demo of the Google Hire tool by signing into your account from here. Google will help you in further progress like migrating your old data to Google Hire effortlessly.

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