Thursday, July 13, 2017

Google’s New Chrome OS Update Is More Touch Friendly

While dominating the Mobile OS market with Android, Chrome OS is Google’s take on Personal Computers and Laptops.

Google is constantly working on bringing a unified experience to all of its devices.

The older versions of Chrome OS were based on traditional design languages where you use your computer with your mouse and keyboard.

But Google has made a lot of changes to the recent versions of Chrome OS to make it more touch friendly by adding some tweaks similar to Android.

Many apps of Android were ported to Chrome OS and with the Play Store support added recently you can get your hands on almost any app you want.

A recent video released by a Youtuber shows an updated and a polished look of the Chrome OS, where it is much closer to the user interface of Android.

What’s New In Chrome OS

The desktop of the updated Chrome version has an app launcher with five icons and it also reveals an app drawer when swiped up.

The new app launcher also has a search bar and the new suggested apps feature automatically shows the apps you use the most in your home screen.

The app launcher could be launched from within any app like when you are playing a game or watching a video in full screen.

However, it is not advisable to try out this latest update of the Chrome OS since it seems like most features are still in development and are extremely buggy.

So, unless you are willing to take the risk and have a backup computer where all of your files are available, do not try out this update.

You can download this update in your Chrome book from the Canary channel of Chrome OS.

The video of the new Chrome OS update could be found here:

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