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How to Spoof Your Location on Android Quickly Without a Root

Spoofing the location is a great way to get around the problem of dealing with a faulty GPS unit. If an app is unable to get a lock on where you are, using a location spoofing app allows the user to properly position the location and continue using the app or service. Location spoofing is also great for developing apps for a worldwide audience since it allows the developer to spoof their location and see what users on the other side of the world would see. Thankfully Android lets anyone spoof their location without going through much of a hassle. So learn how to spoof your location on Android without a root.

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Change Your Location on Android Without Rooting It

The reason why it’s simple to spoof your location without rooting the device is that Android has a built-in feature in its Developer Options called Mock Locations for development purposes. Before learning how to spoof your location, here’s how to enable Developer Options if you haven’t enabled it already.

Enabling Developer Options

Step 1: Navigate to your settings app.

Launch settings

Step 2: Go down to the bottom of settings and press the About option.

Scroll down & tap About phone

Step 3: Now tap the Build Number rapidly till you see a toast notification below saying “You are now a developer”.

Navigate to build number and tap continuously

Step 4: Developer Options are accessible directly from Settings.

A toast notification will show confirmation

Depending on which manufacturer’s skin the device is running, the exact location of Developer Options varies from OEM to OEM. So make use of the search function in the settings if it’s made available.

App For Spoofing Your Location

While there are a plethora of options for spoofing your location, the most popular ones include Fake GPS location by Hola (VPN company) & Fake GPS Location by Ninja Toolkit. While Hola’s app doesn’t contain ads, it uses your device’s idle resources (exempt for Premium users) to improve its services. Their TOS is available here, but if you found the wording too vague like I did, give the other app a go since it’s just ad supported like all the other apps on the market.

Another advantage of using Ninja Toolkit’s app is joystick mode which dynamically changes your location to simulate driving or cycling.

Spoofing Your Android Device’s Location

Step 1: Make sure you’ve installed any of the above mentioned apps.

Step 2: Once inside the Developer Settings, look for the option Allow Mock Locations and tap it.

Select Mock locations

Step 3: Select the app which handles mock locations from the settings.

Select the suitable app

Step 4: Finally, launch the app and change the location to your preference and press Save.

Now that the process is done, the location will stay this way unless you press Stop. If you’d like to remove the app, disable mock locations from Developer Settings before uninstalling the app to prevent the Android device from being stuck in the same location.

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