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How To Use Multiple Facebook And Twitter Accounts In Chrome Without Logging Out

Most people’s favorite activity, whenever they open a web browser like Google Chrome, is to log in to their Facebook or Twitter account and then scroll through their feed endlessly.

There are even surveys and reports that suggest that majority of people only use web browsers to access their social media accounts.

Some of them may even have multiple accounts on these social media networks, like one for connecting with friends and family and another for professional purposes.

But unfortunately, neither Facebook nor Twitter allows you to simultaneously logged in into multiple user accounts as Gmail does.

Which means, if you have to log in using your business account on Facebook or Twitter, you have to log out of the account you are currently signed in.

However you can use a different browser to log into these accounts, but this is a tedious process.

And also since you already have all your details synchronized to your primary browser it would be difficult to manage, especially if you use the same browser across devices.

So what can you do to both use the same browser and handle multiple accounts without having to log out every single time?

Here is a solution which might be useful for you.

Session box, a useful Chrome extension allows you to have multiple active sessions per site, and you don’t even have to enter the incognito mode for this.

You can even sync your sessions across different devices if you create a session box account on Chrome.

This means you can have all of your sessions with multiple accounts automatically logged in for you so that you don’t need to log in and out every time.

Follow these steps to put session box to work.

Step 1:

Install the session box Chrome extension from the link below

You can also use this link for installing the extension.

Just remember that this extension is supported only in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as of now.

Step 2:

Once you have installed the extension, sign in to your Facebook or Twitter Account and then click on the extension button.

Step 3:

Click add new session near Facebook or Twitter.

Step 4:

You will now be taken to a new tab where you are logged out of your current account.

Now just enter the name for the session like, ‘Office’ or ‘Work.’

You can also choose a color for your session to identify it quickly.

There is also an option for selecting a relevant icon for your session, but it is only available in the paid version.

Step 5:

The final step is to enter the email Id and the password of the account you want to log into.

That’s all. A new session is now created, and you can switch between the new and old ones by using the session box button on your menu.

The procedure is similar to both Facebook and Twitter.

Let us know in the comments below if you find any difficulty proceeding past a particular step.’

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