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Keep Your Clipboard in Sync Between Desktop & Android Devices

Do switch between your laptop and phone frequently? If you’re exchanging important information like phone nos, ID or other text between devices, then chances are that you’re manually typing them in each screen. Clipbrd is a service to solve that problem. It’s a clipboard syncing service that keeps your clipboard in sync between Desktop & other Android devices such as phones or tablets.

Enable Clipboard Sync Between PC & Android Devices

While there’s not much to boast about the service’s icon or user interface, it relies on a clever way of usage. Instead of developing standalone apps separately for Windows, macOS & Linux, Clipbrd developed a Chrome Extension to get around this issue. Simply sign-up for an account & login to all the devices you’d like to use. The service will sync the information via the internet. From personal use, I can tell you that the lag is non-existent as long as there’s reliable connection.

Privacy Concerns

The service monitors the clipboard activities on the devices it’s installed in and automatically sends an encrypted message (using AES 256-bit encryption which seems to be the industry standard) to its server to relay that info to the user on the other device where it is automatically decrypted. If you still have other questions regarding the app, it is recommended that you check out Clipbrd’s own website which has a comprehensive list of FAQs.

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Using Clipbrd to Sync Clipboard Items

Step 1: Download & install the extension. This will automatically prompt Clipbrd to show up a Sign-up page. If not right-click the extension and get to the options to sign-up for an account.

Sign-up for an account

Sign-up for an account

Step 2: Install the Clipbrd app from the Play Store and log in with your new credentials. That’s should finish the setup.

Clipbrd user interface

Clipbrd user interface

Step 3: Now copy any text from your PC. The text automatically syncs with the Android device’s clipboard & vice-versa.

Turn off notifications mobile

Turn off notifications from the app

Option to turn off notifications and disable the service

Both the Chrome & Android apps come with the ability to turn off sounds and notifications for a more distraction free experience. Additionally, it’s possible to disable the extension or app if there’s a need to temporarily suspend the sync services.


There’s a lot of features lacking from this service such as image sync or keyboard sync. But the main positive which is using a Chrome extension instead of a standalone app can be seen as a con. The service will work only as long as Google Chrome is running in the background. But to be fair, most users already are. Other lacking features include the ability to add a Quick Tile to enable or disable the service and maintaining an offline clipboard history.


While the service has its shortcomings and the project itself hasn’t been updated in awhile, the reason why I continue to use this app over others is its simplicity and ease of use. It’s much easier than push notification services like Pushbullet or AirDroid since it requires minimal effort from the user’s side. Thus it remains the most reliable option for keeping your clipboard in sync between devices.

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