Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Google Adds Ad blocker To Developer Build Of Chrome – How to Get it Now

Google reported earlier this year that it would include the ad blocking feature in the upcoming versions of Chrome for both Mobile and the web. As an evidence to this statement, several people have started to report that they spotted an ad-blocking feature included in the latest build of Chrome Canary for Android Developer Build.

Chrome Canary is the unstable version of Google Chrome for Android. It is kind of a development build and Google pushes out all the new features to it first. It is a to ensure that everything works fine before rolling it out to the stable version of Google Chrome which has over a billion installs in Android alone.

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While a lot of browsers for Android like Opera or UC Browser offer built in ad blocking feature already, Chrome is kind of late to join the party. However, we have to be happy that Google made this decision to block ads finally, especially considering the fact that Google makes the majority of its revenue from ads like these.

Even though there are a lot of websites with non-intrusive ads, there are some websites out there which still integrates pop up ads. Pop up ads are those kinds of ads which open a new tab whenever you click on something in a website, sometimes they vibrate your device or even download something without your permission.

So these intrusive ads could be harmful and might make the browsing experience of the user worst. So even though a lot of Android browsers already support ad blocking by default, a browser like Chrome with a billion downloads implementing this is kind of a big deal.

However, this has not yet been rolled out to the stable version of Google Chrome and the version of Chrome currently has this feature is highly unstable and has only over a five hundred thousand downloads.

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Fortunately, you can try this right now if you want. But keep in mind that the ad blocking feature is only slowly rolling out and it might take some time for it to reach your device.

How To Enable Ad Blocking Feature For Chrome In Android

Step 1:
Install the Unstable version of Chrome, Google Chrome Canary from here.

Step 2:
Now open the settings menu from the menu icon on the top right corner of the browser.

Chrome Canary Settings

Step 3:
Open site settings you will now find the option named “ads“. Click on it.

Chrome Canary Settings

Step 4:
Just switch on the settings to enable ad block on your Chrome Canary Browser.

That’s it. You now have successfully enabled ad blocking in your Chrome Browser.

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Just keep in mind that Chrome Canary is an unstable build of Chrome and it might frequently stop from working. So, it is better to stick to your Normal Stable version of Chrome Browser until the ad blocking feature officially rolls out to it.


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