Saturday, December 9, 2017

Winners of Google Developer Challenge For Assistant Apps Announced

The Google Assistant is a major part of Google’s efforts towards developing an AI-First platform. While a majority of people make use of the Assistant for regular, day to day tasks such as controlling lights or setting alarms, etc – there is a lot more that the Google Assistant can do, with the help of apps. Google Developer Challenge this year had a section where developers could make apps for the Google Assistant. Today, Google announced the winners of the Google Developer Challenge 2017.

These apps on Google Assistant can be about various things – they can be simple games and fun activities for kids, as well as detailed apps which can help the users do much more with their voice! Here’s a list of the Winners of the Google Developer Challenge:

Winners of Google Developer Challenge 2017

  • The first prize goes to: 100 Years Ago – this is an app which allows users to travel back in time and listen to radio shows from a century ago! You can simply make use of your voice to listen to radio programming and breaking news from 1917 onwards.
  • The second prize was awarded to Credit Card Helperan app for the Google Assistant which helps analyze various credit card options that a user has, as well as read the fine print associated with it. The app also goes through reviews on consumer forums and ensures that the users get to buy the best credit card.
  • The third prize was awarded to Planet Quiz – which is an app that allows you to play a quiz based on questions about our planet! It’s a fun app to learn while you play.

In addition to this, Google has also announced winners in various other categories such as ‘Best apps by Students’, ‘Best Easter Eggs’, ‘Best app’, etc. you can view the entire list of apps that have been awarded here.

Source: Google Developers Blog

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