Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

4 of The Best White Noise Apps for Android To Help You Relax

If you are having a hard time sleeping, then a white noise app can do wonders for you. White noise is basically a soothing continuous sound that can block all the distractions and help you focus. You can use white noise to sleep easily, focus on your work, or just relax when you are stressed out.

Although there are dozens of white noise android apps on Google Play Store, but you need the one that is perfect for your need. That’s why today I am going to list 4 of the best white noise apps for Android each with a different purpose.

1. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

If you are interested in creating different environments while you relax, then go for Atmosphere app. Atmosphere comes with up to 70 sounds that can create different atmospheres such as forest, beach, city, underwater, park, and countryside, etc. The app is also highly customizable with interesting features including a timer, background playback, adjustable sounds, and more.


You can also mix sounds to create your own relaxing white noise. You can either use built-in sounds to mix or even import your own sounds and create the perfect mix. Overall, Atmosphere does a fine job of providing everything you need in a single app.

2. White Noise Lite

With more focus on helping you sleep, White Noise Lite has all the features that make it a perfect sleep companion. It comes with over 40 perfectly looped sounds that play with a fading timer to ensure you easily sleep and stay asleep. It also has full-screen digital clock option with relaxing colors to further help with sleeping.

White Noise Lite

If you are interested in mixing sounds, the app gives you full control over sound pitch and volume to create a perfect mix. There is even an alarm in it to help you wake up fresh with calming sounds.

3. White Noise for Baby

As the name suggests, this white noise app is solely made for parents to soothe their baby. The app is completely free without any annoying ads, and comes with 9 sounds that can help soothe the baby. One of its main strengths is its simplicity. Just launch the app and select the white noise you want to play and it starts doing its job – that’s just two taps!

White Noise for Baby

The sound fade starts and stops to ensure the baby doesn’t get scared. The app is also very battery efficient with the ability to work in airplane mode as well.

4. White Noise Generator

If you like creating your own mixes, then White Noise Generator is the perfect app for you. The app solely focuses on creating your own sound mixes and saving them for later use. The developer has carefully picked a bunch of sounds that go very well together, including rain, wind, forest, ocean, thunder, leaves, fire, and a few more.

White Noise Generator

By default, it plays the sound indefinitely, but you can also set a custom timer as you require.

Wrapping up

I personally like Atmosphere for its extensive collection of sounds and customizability. If you are not sure which white noise app you should get, then give Atmosphere a try. Although, If you need a white noise app for a specific purpose, then the other apps listed here will surely help. Let us know in the comments if you know any other good white noise apps for Android.

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