Thursday, June 29, 2017

Google Testing Triangle, A New Data Saver App


Google has always been keen on helping people save the limited amount of data they have by introducing various features like the data saver in Chrome, amp pages for mobile devices and even by including a default data saver option to its Mobile operating system, Android.

While most countries around the world have access to unlimited data on a daily or a monthly basis, some parts of the world still do not enjoy this benefit.

So, Google is planning to launch a new app called Triangle, which is currently in the testing phase in and around Philippines, to help people save out on their precious data.

Features of Triangle

Triangle is basically a data saver app with all the essential functions like showing the amount of data used by individual apps on a particular time frame, creating alerts based on your usages etc.

It also have some interesting features like blocking only certain apps from using your data or even temporarily disabling them for a particular time. You can set the option to allow the app only to access data for 10, 60 minutes or always.

 Triangle: More Mobile Data- screenshot

Triangle also shows the amount of prepaid data available exclusively for some mobile carriers like Globe and Smart. 

It also gives some additional rewards to the users of these carriers in the form of extra data in exchange for downloading certain apps.

 Triangle: More Mobile Data- screenshot

This app by Google is expected to save a lot of data for users who rely heavily on mobile usage and tend to travel a lot.

With rigorous settings and disabling of background usage by data hogging apps like Facebook and Instagram, users can save significant amounts of their limited data using the Triangle app.

Though Google is currently testing out this experimental app in regions around Philippines, the app could be soon expected to launch for people all around the world and those who are living in countries with slow and limited data could benefit the maximum when Triangle rolls out.

The app is currently available for download only in the Philippines play store and you can grab it from here


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