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Stitch Multiple Screenshots & Capture Long Websites on Android

Do you have a lengthy conversation you’d like to capture in one screenshot? A nicely designed website you’d like to see as a whole? Some OEMs like Xiaomi & Samsung who skin Android, to their credit, include this feature by default. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t made it their priority to include or build this in any of their releases or plan on including it with Android O. But there’s a simple way to accomplish this task thanks to a few apps. Here’s how to stitch multiple screenshots & web pages on Android.

Stitch Screenshots & Webpages on Android

How to Stitch Multiple Screenshots

There are multiple apps as usual to accomplish this task, but most polished apps on the Play Store are Stitch & Share, and Stitch It! Stitch & Share has a still edge when it comes to alignment and does a better job at eliminating duplicate elements in my experience. But the most notable feature is Automatic screen capture will almost replicate Samsung & Xiaomi’s implementation of the feature.

Step 1: Launch the app and go to the settings page from the hamburger menu. Make sure Automatically detect screenshots is checked.

Step 2: Go to the app where your conversation or item of interest is situated.
Step 3: Start taking screenshots as usual by pressing down the Volume Up & Power Button. (This combination may vary with manufacturers)
Step 4: Continue taking screenshots by scrolling 3/4th the area to ensure the app can stitch the elements correctly without artefacts.
Step 5: Once the screenshots are taken, there’s a notification to confirm the stitch operation.

Click the Stitch & Share notification

Clicking on it prompted the app to show the stitched view of the screenshots. It’s possible to play around with the images till the final result is achieved. Once finished, the image can be shared or saved to the storage. The output is stored in the folder Stitch & Share under DCIM.

The free version of the app will output the stitched screenshot with a watermark. Although this can be removed via an in-app purchase where you can pick the amount you’d like to pay which ranges between Rs. 79 to Rs. 750.

Premium to remove ads and watermark

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How to Capture Entire Web Pages

If you find Stitch & Share’s automatic capture only working part of the time or find it harder to use then use the browser Via to capture screenshots. It’s a lightweight browser packed with features but we’ll get into that in the upcoming weeks. One noteworthy feature of this browser is Screenshot. This feature allows users to capture an active web page partially or in its entirety.

Step 1: Launch Via and visit the target website.

Step 2: Press the bottom right icon to bring up settings and scroll horizontally till you see the Screenshot option.

Step 3:  Capture the active portion of the web page that’s visible or the entire web page. The app will automatically capture and save it to storage. The output is saved to the Download folder.

Here’s a short demo

If even this method doesn’t do it for you, there’s a dedicated app called Scroll Capture for Web where the only purpose of the app is to load a web page and capture the site.

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