Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Enable the New Bottom URL & Navigation Bar in Chrome

As an old Windows Phone user, one of the most redeeming qualities about the operating system was the level of thought put into the user experience. Microsoft truly made a friendly interface with Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI) and one of the areas where Windows Phone shined was in browser usability & performance in on low-end phones at the time. While Windows Phone has had this since 2010, after some testing in the developer channels, Google has now moved up the option to enable a bottom URL & navigation bar to its flags page in the stable build of Chrome. So here’s how to enable it in a few steps.

bottom url & navigation bar

Browser UI on Windows Phone, courtesy of Windows Central

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Get the Bottom URL Bar in Chrome for Android

Step 1: Launch Chrome & visit chrome://flags

bottom url & navigation bar

Go to Chrome flags from the address bar

Step 2: Press the menu button and select Find in page. Type the keyword home.

bottom url & navigation bar

Get to the option by selecting Find in Page

Step 3: Once you spot the option called Chrome Home Android, press the box below and select Enable.

bottom url & navigation bar

Enable Chrome Home Android

Step 4: Chrome will prompt users to Relaunch. Press it to relaunch with the new UI.

bottom url & navigation bar

Relaunch Chrome for it to take effect

Result: After the relaunch, the new UI will be immediately active. I’m personally a huge fan of this change and is much better for one handed use since it’s easier to reach from the edges.

bottom url & navigation bar

The new active user-interface

Additionally, press the URL bar will show a new Bottom Navigation Bar with options to access Downloads, Bookmarks & History directly.

A short demo of the new UI in action


The addition of the new bottom URL & navigation bar is a welcome change & hope Google makes it the default choice for users in the future. Of course, if you don’t fancy this change you could always revert by going back to Chrome flags and disabling this option.

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