Friday, June 8, 2018

Chrome Offline Dino Game May Get a Birthday Mode

We all know and love the Chrome dino game that relieves us when the internet goes out. Currently, you only need to avoid cactuses and pterodactyls as the game speeds up. However, it seems Google is now adding a new “Birthday Mode” where the impulsive T-Rex will be eating yummy cakes along the way.

Spotted in the Chromium project, there is a new piece of code specifically called Add new mode for the offline dino easter egg. And looking at the details, it seems the game will get a new birthday theme with cakes, balloons, and a birthday cap for the T-Rex.

There aren’t many details available about what the new mode will bring, but I did find some pointers in the code and comments. One of the contributors commented that “It’s possible to jump over and avoid the cake if you want”. This means that T-Rex is intended to eat the cakes, but we can also jump over them if we want. There is also an edition of “Snack” type obstacles in the code, which I presume points to the cakes.

There is also a picture (see below) where you can see that T-Rex will be able to do the regular jumping and ducking along with the new cake and balloon obstacles.

Chrome Dino Game birthday mode

I am not sure whether the new mode is for users’ birthday or maybe the T-Rex’s birthday, but there a good chance it will be temporary. I saw a comment where the code reviewer said “Sorry for the delay.  Didn’t review as thoroughly as I would something that would be around longer”. This means that the B’day mode won’t be around for long.

There are no hints about when the new birthday mode will be available and for whom it is, but it sure will be fun. Stick around for updates.

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